January Specials

Happy New Year.

We at Beyond Beautiful Aesthetics hope you enjoyed a safe and relaxing holiday with your family, friends and associates. As we embrace the New Year, we want to take this opportunity to offer incredible services to embrace a “New Year, New You.”

2021 has been filled with incredible growth and evolution, and many challenges which have prepared us for the future.

We will continue to push forward with new modalities, ideas, improvements and a dedication to provide optimum services for our treasured clients. As we look to 2022, we will expand our Injectable Services, re-introduce Aesthetic Services and promote total wellness by continuing to offer Reiki and Hypnotherapy.

Always remember to ”Invest in Yourself.”

To begin the New Year we are offering the following specials:

Injectable Specials:

1) Purchase Botox, Dysport or Jeuveau Injectable Service and receive a 15% Discount,

2) Purchase any Filler (Boletero, Juvederm, Restylane, Restylane Lyft, Sculptra, Volbella, Voluma), and receive a $75 Discount off each Filler.

3) Purchase one (1) vial, for one (1) area of Qwõ, for Cellulite Removal and receive a $150 Discount.

Reiki, Crystal & Energy Healing Session:

1) Purchase a thirty (30) minute Reiki & Crystal Energy Healing Session for $55.

2) Purchase a one (1) hour Reiki & Crystal Energy Healing Session with Essential Oils for $111.

Hydrotherapy Session:

Purchase one (1) Hypnotherapy Session for $60.
Sessions are for Weight Loss, Sleep Solutions, Smoking and Beauty Secrets. Hypnotic Sessions improve circulation and skin tone, brightens and clears the eye, oxygenates and brings blood flow to the skin and even extends the lifespan of Injectable Sessions.

Energy Healing Special:

Purchase an Energy Healing Special for $125. Clients will only tender payment if the specified issue is minimized or eliminated.

Providers Availability:

Samantha Danesi, RPA-C, LMT – Saturday, January 15th & Saturday, January 29th, 2022.

Donna Vincenti, Reiki Master & Therapist – Saturday, January 15th & January 29, 2022.

Pat Lavin, Certified Licensed Hypnotherapist & Life Coach – Saturday, January 15th & 29, 2022.

Robert Dixon, Energy Healer – Please call 888-668-4618 to schedule an appointment.

Gift Cards can not be applied to Beyond Beautiful Aesthetics Special Offers.

To schedule an appointment please call (888) 668-4618 or (347) 493-1623.

Online appointments will not be scheduled. We do not accept walk-ins.

What’s New

Qwõ is known as a “shot for cellulite.” Qwõ is formulated with liquid collagenase, it is the first-ever injectable to earn FDA approval for the treatment of cellulite in women.

Years have in fact passed since a new cellulite treatment received a “nod” from the government for safety and efficacy, which explains why this therapy is on the lips of so many ladies.

Visit our Beyond Beautiful Aesthetics Website, “Trending Now Tab” for additional information.

As usual we pray all is well with you and those you love and hold dear. Please continue to wear your masks, wash your hands and be safe.

To schedule an appointment, please call (888) 668-4618 or (347) 493-1623.

Please note Online Appointments will not be scheduled. Beyond Beautiful Aesthetics does not accept walk-ins.

We look forward to serving you, but we do not accept walk-in’s nor do we honor On-line Appointments.